Limestone Repairs and Repointing | ALL PERTH METRO AREAS

If you have cracking limestone bricks or mortar, we can help.
Limestone has been used extensively and successfully around Perth for over 150 years ago. Although Limestone meets some engineering criteria. It is a very soft and porous media and requires periodical maintenance. As with all brickwork, the joints of Limestone are required to be many times softer than the blocks. Strong cement mortars can result in the face of the Limestone blocks crumbling. It is important that a correctly mixed mortar with a higher Lime content be used for Limestone than the conventional cement mortars that are used for brickwork.

We guarantee a professional finish using the correct mix compliant to the relevant Australian Standards.

A common problem with Limestone are lateral and settlement cracks

As previously stated hard cement renders can cause further damage to Limestone particularly when repointing cracks. Limestone can expand and contract with the weather, the hard material can act as a wedge to push limestone cracks further apart.

We will remove any incompatible mortars and repoint with the correctly mixed Lime Mortar.

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