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Lintels perform a core function in supporting brickwork above the doors and windows in a building. Due to many older buildings pre-dating the Galvanising process, there was no requirement under the relevant building by-laws at that time. There are large amounts of Perth homes that have rusted lintels that need replacing, and this is due to living near the ocean. We recommend and replace lintels with a galvanised lintel because it has a lifespan of some 80 years or more, whereas a painted lintel only has a life of around 30 years.
At Mortarfix, we don’t want your home to have a rusted lintel problem ever again.

Why are rusted lintels so bad?

Rust occupies many times the volume of the steel it displaces. A rusting lintel is capable of lifting several dozen courses of bricks above it. We have replaced hundreds of rusted lintels with new Galvanised lintels that will outlast by two to three times the life of the old lintels. This is a relatively inexpensive process and you will never have to worry about it again.
The below images demonstrate the damage a rusted window lintel can do to the surrounding brickwork followed by how we repaired and solved the problem.


The old rusted lintel is cut out and replaced with a new galvanised lintel

The brickwork is then restored

This is visible sign of a rusted lintel damaging the brickwork

This is a close up the rusted out lintel inside the wall

The brickwork has been propped and the rusted lintel removed

A new galvanised lintel has been fitted

The brick work has been professionally reinstated

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