Crack Stitching

At Mortarfix we have been repairing brickwork cracks here in Perth since 1986. Cracks in your brickwork and plaster can vary from normal structural movement to more serious movement requiring repair.

With crack stitching, we use the Helifix method where the joints are chased out and stainless steel helirods are inserted in Helifix construction bond, any damaged brick are replaced and the brickwork joints are finished to match existing.

Cracks in your Brickwork

The first step is to ascertain the cause. At Mortarfix we will carry out a free onsite inspection to find the cause of the cracks and provide you with a full explanation of the causes and advise you on the remedies.

What is Subsidence?

If the footings have sunk, we would recommend a specialist contractor who is equipped to pump expanding grouts into the ground below the footings in order to stabilise the subsoil and arrest the sinking. From here, we can then action any further repairs that may be required.

You May Have Minor Structural Movement Issues

Brickwork is designed to accommodate slight lateral movement without the structural integrity of the wall being compromised. This is a common issue and many of our call outs are to explain this to home owners and we will educate them how to monitor any further movement. This can be a massive cost saving as the movement may be within normal parameters and not anything major to worry about. However, if the homeowner does require immediate repairs, there are a number of repair methods ranging from crack stitching to partial rebuilds of the affected wall. Mortarfix can advise you as to which method is appropriate in your case.

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Mortarfix will leave you with clean tidy job. With brickwork we will repoint to match existing in the case of a plastered or rendered wall – Mortarfix will match the existing finish.

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